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  • Part One: Crafting Dynamic Digital Literacy Programs

Part One: Crafting Dynamic Digital Literacy Programs

  • 13 Dec 2023
  • 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
  • Zoom platform and dial-in option



Presenter:  Chris Bint - Tech Coaches

Tech Champions: Elevating Digital Literacy for Older Adults

Part One: Crafting Dynamic Digital Literacy Programs

Dive into the transformative world of modern teaching tailored for seniors. Understand the distinct preferences and tendencies of adult learners when navigating technology. By honing your approach, you'll ensure enriched and impactful learning experiences at your centre, setting the stage for ongoing digital discovery.

A pioneer in digital literacy and adult education, Chris has dedicated nearly two decades to equipping seniors with the tools and confidence to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape. His journey began at Sheridan College's Centre for Elder Research, where his role as a 'technology tutor' not only transformed the lives of countless seniors but also sparked his passion for creating more extensive, impactful programs. This inspiration led him to cofound the Elder Technology Assistance Group (ETAG), a notable charity dedicated to demystifying technology for seniors through hands-on, volunteer-driven initiatives.

Recognizing the broader need for digital literacy, Chris established Tech Coaches, which quickly became a beacon for Canadians eager to embrace the digital age. Beyond individual instruction, Chris has been instrumental in cultivating a new wave of digital literacy instructors. Through his meticulously designed train-the-trainer programs, he has equipped community leaders and organizational members with the pedagogical tools and strategies essential for impactful tech education.

Grounded in a philosophy of patience, active listening, and continuous growth, his mission remains clear: to illuminate the path of digital empowerment, especially for seniors, and ensure that every learner feels confident in the digital world.

Free webinar for Seniors Active Living Centres and OACAO Members staff, volunteers and older adults.

Participation can be done Virtually (with live multilingual captioning) or by Telephone

With funding provided by the Government of Ontario

You will receive login information prior to the webinar. Registration closes December 13th at 9:00am EST. If you have any concerns about registration please email coordinator@oacao.org. 


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